John’s Teaching Philosophy

In our modern era, much is made of the science of the golf swing,
yet the art of playing the game remains the most critical element.


As someone who spends much of my time trying to improve golfers, I believe that several factors should be part of a golfer’s repertoire.  The first is a repeatable, consistent technique.  To achieve this goal, I don’t teach a strict rigid method.  I believe in working within an individual’s natural skill set, body type, commitment level, and personal idiosyncrasies.  The basic geometry and physics of the golf swing are an important component to improving ball flight.  In that effort, I utilize state of the art technologies like video and Trackman-the world’s leading launch monitor.

Other major elements of my teaching focuses on the short game, having properly fit equipment, and implementing good course management.  Just like most of the great players past and present, we each have a swing unique to ourselves.  My goal is to improve my student’s ball flight and scoring ability while encouraging their own style.

– John

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